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The Free Range sculptures evolved from drawings I started making around 2009. The simple forms are derived from looking at the rock formations along the shore. The intention of the sculpture is to reconfigure the forms at each installation. The number of forms may vary as well. So there is a fluidity in the composition at each site. I think of these forms as bearing witness to the site they are installed on, windows through which we may pay attention to what is right there.
The dimensions for a site for the sculptures is potentially infinite, depending on the number of forms. I’ve arranged them in groups of four, seven, ten, or more. They’ve been arranged in a line , in a circular group, in a random grouping. At the shore, they’ve been installed at the low water line and the tide comes in, and they emerge from the sea. I’ve installed them in crimson red blueberry fields in the fall, and on Campobello Island with beautiful fishing weirs in the background, the interacting lines of the sculpture and weir walls(made of saplings) playing off each other. I can envision a meadow or a beach with a hundred or more of the forms, and people ambling among them. As I have installed these sculptures I take photos of them; each photo is a record of that sculpture located in a particular space at a particular point in time. The digital camera records the time to the second. Moments later I may have changed the arrangement of forms and a new record is made.

 Deer Isle Causeway beach, 12/15/2009/12:01PM
painted steel
varies to 9' high
The Road to Campobello (video)
3/8" steel rods
8' h x varying heights widths rearranged
Change of Tides (video)
Galvanized Conduit
14' h X varying widths
June 6, 2010 8:13 PM
Stonington, ME
galvanized steel
miscellaneous up to 18',